I feel a special kinship with our military personnel, veterans, and their families. After all, two of my decisions sent them into harm’s way.
— George W. Bush, 2010, Texas Monthly

who we are and what we are doing

My name is Joyce Wagner, and I am the artist currently organizing this project. I deployed to Iraq in 2004 and 2005, which profoundly changed my life. When I was deployed, I often wondered if any of the people who were responsible for the war ever thought about the experiences we were having on the ground there. I never thought they would, so I was fairly astonished to see George W. Bush's portraits.

An article published on Artnet pointed out that the relationship between the former President and his subjects is "complicated," which it is. But so far only one of us has a public voice in that conversation.

Right now, this is an independent project that developed from discussions with other veteran artists - on social media, phone calls, and in person - all in response to George W. Bush's recently released book. The desire to respond was strong, so I put together this call to artists with input and support from Erica Slone, Aaron Hughes, and Peter Sullivan.

As artists begin to submit biographical information as well as original portraits, I hope to update this website with their work and generate support for the publication of a book of our collective works. Proceeds will be donated to an organization to be determined.